Death comes to us all eventually…even famous people, who sometimes are remembered more after death than when they were alive.  The art show we have planned for our 2017 shows will be representations of a celebrity or historical figure after death.  
You can choose to do a death pose right at the moment of death/shortly after passing or something more macabre and wait until they are nothing but bone.  

The subject matter you can choose from is endless, from recent heroes such as John Lennon or Jimi Hendrix to historical figures such as Cleopatra or Jesus Christ.
If celebrities are not your thing, we have added morphs, suicide and good old fashioned death scenes just for fun!  Our 2016 and 2017 (below) poster art are great representations of what we are looking for.
Please notify us at the email below if you wish to participate, and bring any completed artwork to be displayed to the Edmonton & Calgary Shows and drop off at ink station by Friday at 4pm.






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